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Moving a piano is a serious, difficult, often noisy job - that is a given. What makes the noise, however, is what separates the good removals from the bad, the excellent from the excruciating, the efficient from the inefficacious. If the noise that is made by someone Piano Moving in Wellington comes from nothing more than gravity’s work on the strings of the keys as the instrument is maneuvered around awkward corners and tight staircases, then the job may be deemed a success, and in certain fortuitous instances where the random striking of notes by gravity’s hand creates a melodious pattern, it may even be deemed an impromptu concert conducted by the forces of Nature herself.

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However - should the noise that is generated by the removal of your piano come to your ears not in exquisite strings of unpredictable and yet seemingly well-orchestrated sound, but in the form of dull thuds, scrapes, and curse words escaping the halitosic mouths of careless buffoons who lack both the skill and precision to carry out such work, then it is highly probable that the Piano Moving in Wellington that you are unfortunate enough to bear witness to is an incorrigible failure, leaving scars both emotional and physical on you and your piano, respectively.

Therefore, why settle for something so obviously sub-par, when the piano is a grand instrument that must be treated accordingly?

Indeed, the grandiosity of such a task is reflected in our name - VIP Movers - a name respectfully uttered by many across the Wellington locality with nothing but the utmost reverence for both our ethos and the execution of said ethos, and what exactly is this ethos, dear reader? 

It is too much to detail here within the paltry limitations of an 800 word article, but rest assured that it details exactly how a team of experts may move a piano, from one location to another, without exposing it to any form of strife, harm, or injury, without putting said piano in jeopardy or endangerment, without letting it get into any situation that may be deemed precarious or risky, in short, without letting any kind of piano-damaging hazard even coming close to such a grand instrument. 

Indeed, when putting your possessions in the hands of such prestigious movers as those who are under our employ here at VIP movers, anything less than the best is simply not possible! We will move your stuff, and we will move it well, be it furniture, pianos, or even entire houses. End of story.

Piano Moving Wellington

Piano Movers Wellington

Our Piano Movers in Wellington are experts in the art of Piano Moving in Wellington. Our name, VIP, uses a well known acronym to convey a sense of momentousness to our company, an evocation of the idea that we only move things for those who are considered Very Important.

Of course, the customer is always right, and whoever has the temerity to pick up their phone and call us with the intent of requesting our assistance is, in our eyes not just Very, but Extremely Important. However, EIP is not an established acronym, nor is it nearly as aesthetically relevant or culturally recognizable as the term which we in the end, after lengthy deliberation, decided upon, the term that Wellingtonians who have moved could never fail to recognize, the term: VIP. A company that can move anything from houses to pianos, outdoor and indoor furniture.

Exasperated reader, I know what you are thinking - how could this explanation get any more obvious? But of course, impatient reader, there are layers to this term, and to the choosing of it, that are not so readily apparent as the publicly accepted three word title that VIP represents, that you have pounced upon and berated me, the poor writer, for just attempting to explain.

Before you rashly accuse me any more of explaining what need not be explained, I ask you to take a look at the first word in the two phrases that follow: Piano Moving Wellington, and Piano Movers Wellington. What letter does the first word in both phrases begin with? Let’s just leave that there for now, and return to our title, that of VIP Movers. What is the last letter in our titular acronym? Does it match the letter that you, diligent reader, picked out just moments prior? Do you see where I’m going, can you connect the dots?

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The “P” in our title does not only stand for “person”, for people are, in most cases, fairly capable of moving themselves, and for those that aren’t, wheelchair and bus companies can be found ubiquitously across the country, so what else could the “P” in VIP stand for but “Piano”? Indeed, every piano is, to us, of the utmost significance, and therefore Very Important, so if you or anyone you know does need Piano Moving in Wellington, just give us a call on 027 212 3504 and let Very Important Piano (VIP) Movers do what they do best, and move your piano!

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VIP Movers is your go-to moving company for Wellington households and businesses. We move goods through Wellington and up to the Manawatu/Wanganui, Hawkes Bay, and Taranaki areas and as far as Auckland.

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