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With regard to the process of House Removals Wellington, as in life itself, things move from one place to another, though not always of their own accord. This, dear reader, is a fact, one that cannot be disputed even by the most mulish and thick-skulled member of our once great, now doomed species, created in what was thought originally to be God’s image, but whose we now know is the Devil’s. Who else could possess humanity to act the way it does, with no care for our fellows or our planet, our future or, perhaps saddest of all, our past, and the lessons that may be garnered from browsing history’s interminable pages which possibly, if applied to modernity, could get us out of the mess that we’re collectively in?

House Removals Wellington

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However, back to moving - even the dumbest among us could look in any direction and witness kinetic energy being expended, whether by a mote of dust or a falling pinecone, a twittering sparrow or a lifted Ford Ranger, the latter aggressively tailgating other, smaller cars in an attempted display of strength and virility that, despite the driver’s intentions, ends up conveying the idea that said driver is lacking severely, in a manly sense, and that the prodigious size of said driver’s ute is attempted compensation for this fact…

… a ruse that no-one on Earth except those similarly afflicted seem to fall for, the rest of us being well-versed as we are in the idiocies and insecurities of others, for who can really escape either when out and about in this modern world, interacting with our compatriots, often left despairing at their behaviour, and this not being limited to mere ute drivers, no, but politicians, religious figures, celebrities, artists, tradespeople, businessfolk, the unemployed, the young and the old - we are all stupid at one time or another, and oft is our stupidity inflicted upon others, to their chagrin and intense dismay.

If one were to walk around and hear someone utter something along the lines of “Oh my lord! They’re moving that house!”, one would not be unjustified in thinking, “Good God, whoever said that is a lunatic, they’re mad, what could they possibly be talking about?”, as houses, by their nature as homesteads, places of rest, recuperation, and familial stability (ideally), are intended at the time of construction to be immovable, and yet, VIP Movers fly in the face of this established but unnecessary convention, and have branched out into the business of House Removals in Wellington.

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VIP Movers Wellington

VIP Movers in Wellington are the premiere moving company, the salient choice for anyone who wishes their possessions to be moved from one place to another in a timely and cost-effective manner, with no damage accrued to any of said possessions on said journey between place A and place B, which are of course stand ins for any number of places - our movers are a versatile, agile, adaptable, efficient, initiative-taking, furniture-never-breaking, well mannered and polite team of legendary furniture, piano, and misc. moving veterans, filled to the gills with experience, expertise, knowledge, and most importantly of all, a wisdom that can only be gained by lugging crates, couches, and cabinets up these awkward, awfully planned and ridiculous streets that Wellingtonians and their toned legs struggle against on the daily.

Despite these incredible qualities that each and every member of our vibrant team possess, it is not these qualities alone that make House Removals in Wellington possible - equipment and logistics, dear reader, are also essential, and it is with pride that I can say, VIP Movers in Wellington have the necessary gear, and are capable of making the appropriate logistical arrangements needed to move a house from one location to another. Indeed, without the equipment or organizational prowess just mentioned, how is a house to be moved?

Does one employ brute force, channeling the strength of Atlas as he held up the world, and attempt to push the house in question to your desired destination? Foolish reader, cease your guessing at once!

Although our movers are all strong enough that, if push came to shove, they’d be able to push a house from one place to another using nothing more than the raw power contained in their biceps, their quads and their calves, there are more efficient ways, fueled by brainpower as opposed to mere brawn, and it is these aforementioned ways that VIP Movers Wellington employ on their quest to be the number one purveyors of House Removals in Wellington, although can it even be considered a quest, if the goal of it is already achieved?


For it is an unquestionable fact that, if you want your house removed, and you live in the capital, then VIP Movers are who you should call, occupying as they do the forerunning position in the race to become undisputed leader of the industry of home relocation.

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